YouTube App Update: A More Modern Look for Apple TV

Most popular video service, YouTube, has improved its app for Apple’s TV streaming box. This long awaited update brings YouTube on the Apple TV exactly like on XBox and other devices, in terms of both content and design.

Most noticeably; YouTube on Apple TV will now be showing advertisements. This also means that all videos running on YouTube (mostly music videos) can now be run on YouTube’s Apple TV app.

We wonder if this also means that the team at Google probably don’t believe there is any planned overhaul of the Apple TV anytime in the immediate future, otherwise why would they spend time and money on an app overhaul if they believed there was going to be any radical changes in the near future.

If you’re familiar with YouTube on devices such as Microsoft’s Xbox, Google’s Android handsets and Sony’s PlayStation then you’ll understand what’s happening with Apple TV today. Have a look at this video which highlights features such as new search capabilities and the new design, but doesn’t delve into the advertisements part:

Other Updates for Apple TV

In addition to the YouTube change, there were some other Apple TV channel updates presented yesterday. One of them is called ‘The Scene’ which is a channel from magazine powerhouse Conde Nast: The Scene will feature editorial video clips from Conde Nast’s catalogue. We’ll also have the launch of millennial TV network Fusion, plus there will be offerings from UFC.TV and France’s Dailymotion.