Will it be Possible to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Running the New tvOS?

Apple TV fans can now purchase an Apple TV 4, but if it’s the jailbreak you’re waiting on for the new set-top box, then this is all the information we have regarding an Apple TV 4 jailbreak.

The new streaming set-top box is a massive overhaul from the Apple TV 3 and, because Apple hasn’t touched the Apple TV since 2012, this was definitely expected; plus, the set-top box market has changed a lot since then.

There are many new features that come with the new Apple TV 4, such as gaming support, Siri functionality, an all-new remote with motion sensors and built-in track-pad, plus a native Apple TV App Store for downloading and installing Apple TV apps direct to your device.

New Operating System for Apple TV 4

And, your new Apple TV arrives with an all-new operating system called tvOS. Apple TV 4 has its own dedicated operating system, unlike older Apple TV models that used iOS.

So, this begs the question as to whether or not we’ll actually see an Apple TV 4 jailbreak for this new model, due to the fact that it’s running a completely new operating system, which means that jailbreak developers have all sorts of new code to look at.

The answer as to whether or not we’ll see a jailbreak for the new Apple TV is ‘probably’ – but at this point no-one can be sure.

Kevin Bradley, a.k.a. @nitoTV on Twitter, who’s also the creator of the nitoTV jailbreak app, one of the original Apple TV jailbreak apps to be released, says he’s quite confident there will be a jailbreak for the new Apple TV; much more confident than he was for the Apple TV 3.

Perhaps you might recall when we reported on the status of an Apple TV 3 jailbreak last year. Bradley went on Twitter saying that he was beginning to doubt that anyone talented enough even cared enough to jailbreak the Apple TV 3. Plus, the Apple TV 3 is difficult to jailbreak in the first place; also pointed out by Bradley at a JailbreakCon last year. And while that’s still true, this new Apple TV is quite another story, and it’s highly likely that there are jailbreak developers out there who will try to gain access to the new streaming box and get it jailbroken. But, as we mentioned before, the tvOS is a completely new operating system so an Apple TV 4 jailbreak may not be available as early as some users would hope. Jailbreaking the new Apple TV would be fantastic, particularly with all the new features. We believe it’s possible that a jailbroken Apple TV 4 could have its own Cydia store, just like the iPad and iPhone, and this would offer heaps of cool stuff for jailbreakers.

So, at the moment there is no talk about the Apple TV 4 jailbreak, but we’re not really surprised because, if someone was working on a new jailbreak they wouldn’t be discussing it with the public. This is how it’s been with most jailbreak releases over the past few years.