Upcoming WWDC Will Bring an Updated Apple TV (2015)

We certainly weren’t expecting to see an updated Apple TV before the fall, that is until earlier this week when Apple announced the dates of the World Wide Developer Conference. Apple’s latest graphic for the 2015 WWDC appears to show the outline of an Apple TV, right in the middle of shapes appearing to represent iOS app icons and Apple Watch.


It’s common knowledge that Apple has always considered our traditional TV experience to be without innovation, and boring. And for a while now Apple has been hinting that it may be considering TV content development.

In actual fact, this news arrives following rumors suggesting that Apple is already planning to create its own TV subscription service, rivaling the likes of Netflix. If these rumors are indeed true, this would be a new market for Apple which, in the past, has preferred to stay with the technical side of TV in preference to the content side of it. We hear that Apple has been endeavoring to get a content service up and running since 2009.

To date, Apple has been offering direct content through providers like Netflix, and adding to its list of content providers as it goes. Programming channels like HuLu and YouTube have been delivering this content. Those developers seeking to take advantage of Apple TV were required to do so through AirPlay, which allowed users to beam content from their computers and Apple phones.

We understand that Apple’s TV set-top box will be announced in June at the World Wide Developer Conference. Following the announcement; we will probably see it hitting shelves.

The latest news is that Apple may be updating the Apple TV’s processor, to an A8 chip. There will also most likely be a storage upgrade beyond 8GB, currently available in the Apple TV. And in addition, Siri will probably be integrated into the box as well.

The costing for this new box has not yet been revealed, but we anticipate it will be more than $69, which is the current price tag on the Apple TV. You’ll notice that $69 is the reduced price since the most recent Apple event, and we assume that’s because they’re now making room for the next version of the Apple TV.

Apple TV has certainly had an interesting history. The initial concept began as a minor project for Apple, but after bringing in more than $1 billion in sales, Tim Cook (Chief Executive Officer) says it’s now high time the Apple TV is considered more than just a minor project.

Fans of this TV must be very excited that the Apple TV is being updated, mostly because it means than Apple will be continuing on with its TV strategy.