tvOS 9.2 Update Makes Apple TV an Even Better Set-Top Box

There are some great features coming for the Apple TV with its next tvOS 9.2 update, making your TV experience simpler than before.

One of the best things coming from this update is that you’ll be able to pair a Bluetooth keyboard to the new Apple TV, which will be much simpler than using the Apple TV remote: typing in any sort of text, like passwords and TV/movie titles, will be so much easier. Considering how clunky the remote is when typing in text, we’re actually quite surprised this feature wasn’t added in earlier.

And, just like you would on your iPhone, you’ll be able to create app folders to organize your Apple TV Home screen.

Another feature found on your iPhone is that you can switch back and forth through apps quickly and easily, and we understand the new update will feature a new look for the app switcher.

App developers will be able to use the new tv OS update to add maps into their Apple TV apps; plus, you’ll also be able to download the Podcasts app.

New languages and accents will be supported by Siri. For Apple TVs being sold in the United Kingdom, Siri will better understand both UK and Australian English, and even United States English accents.

At the moment, tvOS 9.2 is in beta, so in order to gain access you’ll need a developer account: however, it should be released within the next few months.