September Will Bring an Updated Apple TV.. Really?

A new updated Apple TV may really for sure happen in September. Back at WWDC in June, Apple never mentioned a new Apple TV which was rumored to be getting some kind of update. It’s a popular rumor, one that apparently shall never die. According to BuzzFeed, Apple now plans to release a new version of a set-top box, as well as a new streaming service for TV content complete with the September lunch which is also the time of year for the latest iPhone but that’s also when we got the Apple Watch announcement, at least in September of last year.

The current Apple TV was released back in 2012 and it runs an underclocked A5 chip that’s the same chip in the iPhone 4S. Something like the iPhone 6 A8 chip would update things nicely as would a slimmer design, more internal storage or maybe using Siri for voice commands and inquiries would help Apple TV compete with Google’s Nexus player and Amazon Fire TV which both support voice already. As for streaming service, that part still may not happen in September. Apple reportedly wants to sell as many new devices as possible in order to be ready when it launches its new streaming service months later. Supply chain leaks also indicate that Apple is working on an iPhone 6S for September which may not be such a dramatic update from the iPhone 6, so a nice Apple TV announcement would round out the event nicely. Even though it’s just a rumor, nobody knows anything.. nobody really ever knows anything.