How To Restore Your Apple TV After Jailbreak

Are you experiencing problems with your Apple TV after jailbreak? Or the WiFi is buggy, channels don’t work properly, or it fails to update or connect, then perhaps you need a fresh start by restoring it to factory settings.

This option will solve most of your problems – almost all of the time. If you’re frustrated with the whole jailbreaking thing the best solution is a factory reset!

How to Reset Apple TV to Factory Settings

  1. On your Apple TV click on Settings from the main menu;
  2. Next select General;
  3. Scroll right down to the bottom and click Reset;
  4. On the next menu choose Restore;
  5. Select Restore one more time as confirmation that you want to restore your Apple TV;

And that’s it. Your Apple TV will now be restored to the latest firmware version. Have patience, because this process could take some time. Once completed, just set it up as you would normally.

If your Apple TV doesn’t respond or is bricked when you perform the on-device restore, you should restore it via iTunes instead.

How to Restore an Apple TV using iTunes

It should be noted that in order to restore your Apple TV via iTunes, you’ll need to purchase a micro-USB cable. You can buy them separately, but you may already have one if you have a battery pack/case or Bluetooth device.

  1. All the cables must be disconnected from your Apple TV;
  2. Running iTunes, and using a micro-USB cable, plug the Apple TV into your computer;
  3. iTunes should launch automatically and show that the Apple TV is in Recovery Mode. Next: Click on Restore Apple TV..;
  4. Now you need to confirm on the pop-up that you want to restore by clicking on Restore and Update;
  5. On the following pop-up confirm the restore by clicking Next;
  6. Click Agree to the terms of service;
  7. It will take a moment for iTunes to download the firmware file;
  8. Just wait, and your Apple TV will finish being restored. Only unplug it when iTunes gives you the go-ahead;

And that’s all you need to do. Now you can connect your Apple TV to check that the problem has been fixed. You can use the tap-to-setup Bluetooth LE option if you’ve got a third generation (or higher) Apple TV for an even faster setup.