Next Apple TV Comes with New Remote and Impressive Functions

An updated Apple TV is going to be released by Apple during WWDC 2015, the international conference of iOS developers that will be held starting June 8 in San Francisco. After the new Apple TV will be presented, Apple will launch a new streaming service for multimedia content, which will bring an important update for hardware and product enhancements.

new Apple TV remote control

According to information published recently, Apple plans to completely change the design for the Apple TV remote control in the idea of improving the functionality offered to users. The remote control will be transformed into a kind of track pad similar to the MacBook, equipped with only two physical buttons, the rest being tactile.

The new set-top box from Apple it is already being tested by some employees to find out how useful and user friendly is the new remote. Moreover, it seems that some Apple University professors compared the Apple TV’s remote control with the Google TV, Apple focusing on the fact that its product is much simpler and easier to use.

Considering that the next Apple TV will be launched in the WWDC 2015 along with a new multimedia streaming service, Apple is preparing a major shift for the operating system to display information. All of these changes will be sustained by an improvement of the hardware, the new device being prepared for launch with an A8 chip that has a dual-core processor 1.3 GHz and 1 GB RAM DDR 3.

Despite the better hardware, Apple TV 4 will not be available with support for viewing 4K videos, Apple considering that currently offering support for this technology does not bring benefits to its products. Considering that Apple already offers an application which allows controlling the Apple TV using taps, it remains to be seen how the new remote control will be received by users and what great features you will have.