Latest Apple TV OS Update Brings New Channels

Apple’s $99 set-top box (Apple TV) has just received a significant OS update, which includes some exciting new channels. Fusion, The Scene, UFC.TV and Dailymotion are the new channels that have joined the Apple TV. As part of the update, Google also revamped their YouTube app for the TV.

The benefits of the updated YouTube app for the Apple TV include personalized recommendations, a new design, and a lot more content. This now makes the updated design for YouTube for Apple TV on a par with its app on XBox, Roku and PlayStation. You can now subscribe to your favorite channels via YouTube through the Apple TV app. An extra bonus is predictive search, enabling you to quickly find videos on the Apple TV. You’ll also note that YouTube for Apple TV now plays advertisements before allowing you to watch certain videos.

New Channels for Apple TV

As previously mentioned, there are several new channels on Apple TV. These channels include:

The Scene

The Scene was created by Conde Nast Entertainment and is a ‘digital video storytelling network’. Featured in The Scene is content from Conde Nast brands such as Ars Technica, Allure, Glamour, Details, GQ, The New Yorker, Vogue and Wired. Also distributed by The Scene is video content from media partners such as BuzzFeed, FORBES, AOL, PBS, and Vox Media. According to AdAge, Conde Nast Entertainment spent approximately $50 million in July 2014 to launch The Scene.


In October 2013 Fusion was launched, and this is a pop culture and satire digital network. Currently Fusion is distributed via Verizon FiOS, AT&T, Charter, Cablevision, Google Fiber and Cox. On Apple TV Fusion provides access to on-demand content, original programming, and news. ‘No You Shut Up’ with comedian Paul F Tompkins is one of the more popular programs on Fusion.


Dailymotion is France-based, and is a video-sharing website in competition with YouTube. In May 2013 Yahoo tried to purchase a majority share of Dailymotion, but the deal was blocked by the French Government. According to Dailymotion, it’s possible to access 30 million of its videos through the Apple TV.


Anyone who’s a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fan will be excited to know that the Apple TV now has an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) app for the Apple TV. At the moment you can purchase a monthly ‘Fight Pass’ subscription from UFC for $10. An annual pass will cost you $99.99, while a 6-month subscription costs $54.99.

If you have already set up automatic software updates then you should now have access to the new channels on your Apple TV. If not, then install the software update by following this guide. Depending on your country you may find there are some restrictions within the new channels.

Apple TV has gained a lot of momentum over the past two years. Just some of the channels added to Apple TV last year were The Smithsonian Channel, Vevo, Watch ESPN, HBO Go, Sky News, Crunchyroll, the Weather Channel, Qello, Disney XD and the Disney Channel. Apple has sold more than 13 million Apple TV devices since May 2013, with half of these being sold in 2012 alone. In April 2014 this figure skyrocketed to 20 million!.