How to Jailbreak Apple TV (Step by Step)

Good news, everyone! LiberTV has been updated and can help to make untethered jailbreak on Apple TV 4 and 2 – 5.3 running iOS 6.1.4/tvOS 11/11.1. Apple TV 3 cannot be jailbroken using this tutorial, so this guide is only for those who own a first, second or 4th generation Apple TV. Also, some applications for Apple TV are not compatible with this version of iOS or tvOS.

A proper jailbreak will give access to unauthorized app installers. These applications introduce boundless possibilities to do things on your device that a regular Apple TV would never be able to do. You may have been thinking about getting yourself the latest Apple TV and jailbreaking it. But, will it really benefit you to go to the trouble of doing so? What exactly does it involve, and will you be able to watch live TV and all movie channels as well as movies on demand without paying monthly fees?

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the method by which Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS, is converted to manage unknown code in order to get access to applications. What it does though is allow you to install non-Apple software on your Apple TV device. Software like XMBC that will let you stream various media from your network on to your Apple TV.

Using XMBC you get to view various internet streaming sites and Hulu on your Apple TV. Having said that, it must be re-iterated that you’re not going to get Hulu Plus Free. You still need to pay for a subscription where it is needed.

Benefits in Jailbreaking your Apple TV

You may want to know how it will benefit you in jail-breaking your Apple TV? Apple TV on its own might do some fun stuff with video as you can hook it up with your PC then run iTunes and even play movies. Heck, you could even buy TV Shows and movies. But, do not even try and play anything not acquired via iTunes. In addition, when you try to load a rented movie from Apple HD be prepared to wait around 3 to 4 hours.

Once jailbreak completed you get to experience the following useful benefits

The benefits are obvious. A jailbroken Apple TV is able to provide much more functionality than the standard one.

  • The main benefit in choosing to jailbreak your Apple TV is that you can install 3rd party tools onto your Apple TV, and be able to modify any files you have on your ATV.
  • One of the third party tools is FireCore that lets you experiment with all kinds of new apps on your ATV.
  • Using AirPlay you could even stream various media from other iOS devices.
  • Get to install Hulu, LastFM, XBMC, , Nito TV, , Pandora Radio, and other apps.
  • Non-tech savvy people can jailbreak their Apple TV in under an hour

It sure is worth a try to jailbreak your Apple TV as it will open a whole new world of entertainment to you like you may not have experienced before.

Disadvantages are little. The jailbreak process is completely reversible by a simple restore in iTunes. The only real disadvantage can occur when you jailbreak your Apple TV, the process crashes and sometimes you are forced to resume it or do a restore.

Is Apple TV jailbreak legal?

Yes! Jailbreak is totally legal. For very long time, jailbreak was considered illegal by the Federal Government according to copyright lawsuit. In summer of 2010, the Federal Government passed a guide that made jailbreak legal.

Following the instructions below will make jailbreak on Apple TV 4, but you will need to install third party applications separately.

The latest jailbreak tool from LiberTV 1.1 allows Apple TV 4 users to jailbreak their devices running tvOS 11 and 11.1 for free. All you need is a Apple developer account (free or paid) and a bit of technical knowledge. But don’t panic, this tutorial is to guide you through the process of jailbreaking your Apple TV 4/4K.

Disclaimer: This new jailbreak for Apple TV 4 only has SSH access, which means that at this point in time it’s GUI-less. Currently, there’s no Cydia-like interface available for Apple TV 4 units that are jailbroken. But remember folks, this is just the beginning!

If you have already updated your Apple TV to tvOS 11.2.x, you are out of luck as there’s no way now to go back to the older version. Also, the 3rd gen Apple TV is not yet supported!

Here’s How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 and 4k Running tvOS 11 / 11.1

After LibertiOS for iPhone and iPad running on iOS 11, here is LiberTV for tvOS 11. The tool is for Apple TV 4th generation and Apple TV 4K, compatible with both tvOS 11 and tvOS 11.1.

The jailbreak on the Apple TV 4 is somewhat different from the LiberiOS dedicated for iPhone or iPad, especially because there is no Cydia. Users, however, get the same benefits – read and write access to any iOS device (where Apple limits certain items) or SSH to connect to Apple TV from another device. This type of jailbreak will be especially interesting for developers.

How to install it? The process it’s quite simple and comes in two options. Sign it using your Apple ID developer account and sideload it either using Cydia Impactor (Apple TV 4 only, not 4K) or Xcode.

We recomend using Cydia Impactor because it is much easier:

  1. First download the LiberTV11.IPA file, and then sign it with your AppleID.
  2. Launch Xcode on your Mac.
  3. Go to Window – Devices and Simulators from the menu bar on top right.
  4. Now select the LiberTV.ipa file and let it load.
  5. After it’s loaded click the button to start running LiberTV app. (If it runs correctly, you will get a note saying you can exit the app).
  6. So you can exit the app. And that’s it!

Give LiberTV a couple of seconds AFTER the note to complete and set up the code signing bypass, and you can ssh to yourself – either over USB-C or (in the case of the 4k) over TCP/IP.

Here’s How to Jailbreak Apple TV 4 Running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1

Before starting this process, you must login to Xcode using an Apple ID with sideloading privileges. This is simply done by visiting the Apple developer member center and agreeing to their terms – and it’s free. To log into Xcode, go to Xcode – Preferences – Accounts, then click on the ‘+‘ sign.

We know that Pangus’ post suggests that you need a paid developer account to complete this process, but this tutorial will explain how you can complete the jailbreak for free. We fully believe that the jailbreak will still be successful using our free method, however please understand that if you use our method we will not be responsible should you experience any negative side-effects.

What You Need to Jailbreak

  • 4th generation Apple TV running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1;
  • USB-C cable;
  • Xcode;
  • Mac;
  • free Apple ID account with sideloading privileges;
  • Pangu jailbreak tool;
  • iOS App Signer

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Walkthrough

  1. Using the USB-C cable, connect your Apple TV to your Mac.
  2. You need to disable Automatic Updates on your Apple TV 4 (if you haven’t already done so): do this by going to Settings – System – Software Updates, then turn off Automatically Update.PanGu-9-jailbreak-step02
  3. Next, you need to download both the Pangu jailbreaking tool and iOS App Signer ZIP files onto your desktop, and extract both.
  4. Run Xcode and go to File – New – Project – tvOS – Application – Single View Application – Next.PanGu-9-jailbreak-step04
  5. Fill out all the fields
    Product Name: Jailbreak
    Organization: <Your name>
    Organization Identifier: com.jailbreak.appletv
    Keep everything else as is, and click Next – Create.
  6. Next, from the top bar select Product – Destination – Apple TV.PanGu-9-jailbreak-step06
  7. Select your personal Apple ID in the team area. You’ll need to create a free Apple ID if you don’t already have one, and link it to Xcode via Xcode – Preferences – Accounts.
  8. To clear up any provisioning issues click on “Fix Issue”.
  9. Launch the iOS App Signer, then use the Browse button and choose the file: you’ll find this in the Payload folder in the Pangu download that you previously extracted to your desktop.
  10. In the iOS App Signer, choose the Certificate and Provisioning Profile for the app that you’ve now created in Xcode.
  11. On the iOS App Signer, click Start: you should now see the atvipa.ipa file on your desktop.
  12. Open Xcode, then go to Windows – Devices and select your Apple TV.
  13. Under Installed Apps, click the + button; then from your desktop select atvipa.ipa.
    You should now have the Pangu jailbreaking tool on your Apple TV 4. Once it appears on the Home screen of your Apple TV, initiate and complete the jailbreak by launching the app.PanGu-AppleTV-4-App
  14. Well done! Now, using the Apple TV’s Wi-Fi IP address you can SSH into your Apple TV 4.

Just remember that Pangu’s method for jailbreaking uses a paid developer account. There may be a very good reason as to why they’ve taken this approach, and we hope this is something they’ll comment on soon. That being said, though, we know from personal experience that this method does work in-as-much-as we were able to SSH into our own Apple TV 4. It’s yet to be seen as to whether or not there are any downsides to using the free method.



How to Jailbreak Apple TV 2 Running iOS 5.3 / 6.1

  1. Download Seas0nPass from here: Windows [XP or later], Mac [10.6 or later];
  2. Download the latest version of iTunes from here;
  3. A micro USB cable will be required to complete the jailbreak;
  4. Disconnect any Apple device’s (iPods, iPhones, and iPads) from your computer;




Open the Seas0npass application on your computer and click on the Create IPSW button. At this point the program will download the latest version of iOS 5.3 for Apple TV 2 and make a custom ipsw.



Connect the Apple TV to your computer using a micro USB cable, but do not connect to a power source. When Apple TV’s indicator light will flash, point the remote at him, simultaneously press the Home + Menu buttons and keep them pressed for 7 seconds.



After the device enters DFU Mode, iTunes will open and begin to automatically install the custom ipsw made with Seas0npass. After installation, connect your Apple TV to a power source and television. Now everything should work normally.



After the ipsw was successfully installed iTunes will confirm, and on the Apple TV’s interface the Settings icon will appear as you see in the image below.


Given that we are talking about an untethered jailbreak, DO NOT need to use the computer every time you turn on your Apple TV. Also, you can install all the desired applications.