iOS 13 Jailbreak: The First beta Version Already Hacked!

iOS 13 is available in beta for a little over a week and has already been jailbroken! The hacker @iBSparkes has released an image of his iPhone running iOS 13 Beta 1 with the Cydia application installed.

@iBSparkes, also known as PyshcoTea, is the same hacker who demonstrated the iOS 12.4 jailbreak in beta just a few days ago.
This time, it’s Luca Todesco, known and recognized for his exploits on previous jailbreak tools like Yalu, who managed to unlock the latest operating system.

The hacker published an image under his usual pseudonym, @Qwertyoruiop. However, it does not specify the model of the iPhone used.

ios 13 jailbreak (beta 1 )

New exploit tfp0 on the iOS 13 jailbreak

As usual, the jailbreak begins with the patch of tfp0. The tfp0 or task_for_pid (0) allows you to remove the restrictions and run any job as root.

That’s what Todesco did, who is ironical about the release of iOS 13 Beta 2 at the same time. It will therefore have to get back to work, especially since the first step to break iOS 13 was taken and demonstrated a jailbroken iPhone and running Cydia.

Of course, it is also possible that Apple finds the vulnerability used in the iOS 13 jailbreak and thus fixes the problem without having to explore the code of the jailbreak. For this reason, the jailbreak method will be extremely protected over the coming months and developers will continue to explore each beta version of Apple to determine if vulnerabilities still exist.

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