Introduction to Apple TV Jailbreak

Sold by Apple Inc, Apple TV functions as a very easy to use digital media player device that allows you to play only selected video entertainment from Netflix, iTunes, Vimeo, YouTube, NBA, and so forth.

That is about where it stops. However, jailbreaking the Apple TV media box will open up a whole new world of entertainment. You will have access to Kodi, ESPN, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, CBS, PBS, to name but a few. There would simply not be enough room on this page to name all the entertainment medias you will have access to. But why should you even bother to jailbreak your Apple TV?

Reasons Why it Makes Sense to Jailbreak Your Apple TV

Two of the top reasons why you may want to jailbreak your Apple TV would be, one – to allow programs that Apple doesn’t approve to run, and two – have the ability to customize how your device look. Besides, wouldn’t it be nice to do whatever you want with this powerful digital media player, and not be restricted by what Apple says? Now you can have the world of Apps at your feet to do with whatever your heart desires.

Other reasons for wanting to do this would include:

  • It will let you decode and stream a wide array of video formats such as the very popular MKV. All without the need to convert anything;
  • As it is compatible with XBMC, jailbreaking your Apple device will enable you to play media that were not previously possible;
  • Various third party Apps become available to you;
  • Apple TV is only $99, and once you managed to jailbreak it, you will find it far more effective than most HTPCs that is three times more expensive;
  • Endless possibilities are open to you as the Apple TV is regarded as a small Unix computer, equipped with a very powerful graphics processor;

Ups and Downs of Jailbreaking Your Apple TV

First of all, let’s start with the advantage of going to the trouble of jailbreaking your Apple device:

  • One of the key features people like about a Apple TV that you jailbreak is the weather customization aspect where you can add your own weather location. You can even adjust your screen saver settings, and hide menus if you want to;
  • Another thing worth mentioning. Once you managed to jailbreak the Apple TV device, you can run a TV Flash on your PC, and sure enough, it will install the more common jailbreak apps right to your Apple TV media player;
  • It gets even better. You can control your Apple TV using your iPod, iPad or iPhone by means of Remote HD. This app is light years ahead of Apple’s own remote app;
  • The ability to view the website you favor on a 55 inch TV by means of the WebKit browser you managed to install due to jailbreaking your Apple TV media player, is priceless. However, it is not advisable to indulge in very long browsing sessions this way.

On the downside (disadvantages), there are risks involved when jailbreaking your device:

  • Ensure the app you intend downloading from a third party app is safe before you proceed as there are various insecure apps around;
  • Make sure you follow jailbreaking instructions down to the last letter. Otherwise you might sit with a useless device that can be termed as a brick Apple TV media player;
  • Your warranty supplied by Apple may be voided if you jailbreak your Apple TV;

Now that you know some of the advantages and disadvantages of jailbreaking your favorite media player – Apple TV, it is time to talk more about the actual Apple TV jailbreak process.

How to Jailbreak Your Apple TV Media Player

It is pretty straightforward. Equipped with the right software such as Seas0nPass, you would simply:

  • Download and run the latest version of the software you are using;
  • Then click to create your IPSW;
  • Once completed, you would then connect your Apple TV to your Mac using a USB Micro cable, then hold the Menu and Play;
  • Button at the same time for at least 7 seconds;
  • At this stage, your Apple TV would enter the DFU mode, and your media player should automatically be restored;

Please note, that your jailbreak can successfully be verified by the FireCore watermark you will notice on your Apple TV screen.

That is it. Now you can sit back and enjoy entertainment galore!