Apple TV 4 Unboxing and Overview

The fourth-generation Apple TV is not due to arrive until the end of October, but Andru Edwards, a YouTube’r, has managed to get hold of the Apple TV 4, and he unboxed it on video for the world to see. As far as we know, this is the first unboxing of the device and it offers a glimpse of the new packaging for Apple’s new set-top box.

Finally, been waiting for the Apple TV 4. And although it doesn’t come out until October, I have one in my possession right now. So, I’m gonna show you what’s in the box, what it comes with, give you a closer look at the Siri Remote and all that. So let’s open it.

The packaging for the new Apple TV is all black, and on the top of the box is featured a picture of the top of the device. Once the box is opened you’re presented with the new Apple TV box, plus your new Siri remote. Underneath you’ll find a power cable and a Lightening cable for charging the new remote.

Edwards said he received his Apple TV 4 on the same day as Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ event. He then goes on to give viewers a closer look at both the remote and the Apple TV set-top box.

Unfortunately we have to wait until the end of October to purchase our own fourth-generation Apple TV. We understand at this point that the 32 GB option will cost $149.99 and the 64 GB option will cost $199.99.