Apple TV 4 Finally Revealed. Here’s What Makes it Cooler!

Finally, Apple TV 4 is here! All along we thought the Apple TV was just another set-top box, but now we’re happy to discover that everything’s changed. This is very exciting news, because Apple has just announced the biggest Apple TV upgrade ever – one that will transform that little box into a whole new entertainment platform for your home.

Apple TV 4 Hardware

Basically, the Apple TV4 hardware looks pretty-much the same, but it’s bigger. It’s also a little taller, and it now packs a bigger punch. But overall it’s still very black and still quite small. But, this remote control’s been totally redesigned in a new and exciting way.

New Apple TV Remote

We’re really pleased to report that Apple has now totally redesigned Apple TV’s remote. There are two obvious differences: the first is a new button to beckon Siri, and the second is that there’s a glass touch-pad on the top. You’ll also see that this little black rectangle comes equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer so it can be used similar to the Nintendo Wii remote. And, you don’t need to point it at the television because it’s Bluetooth-powered. With this new update, you can even control the volume and turn the TV on and off via the Apple TV remote. It uses a lightning post to charge and lasts up to three months on a single charge.

There are some apps that let you use an iPod Touch or iPhone as a game controller. This means that multiplayer becomes very easy. You’re on your way home, so you can start playing a game on your iPhone; then when you arrive home you move to your Apple TV.

Speaking about hardware, the Apple TV4 comes with an A8 processor, 64-bit A8 chip, 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO, IR receiver.

The HMDI, Bluetooth 4.0, and ethernet Apple TV4 comes with Siri support, a revolutionary Bluetooth wireless remote with glass-touch surface, buttons for the menu, volume, display, and play/pause. The remote also has a gyroscope and accelerometer for motion detection; you can control power and volume on your TV, and for charging it uses a lightning connector. It will last for three months once it’s been charged.

Some new features include animated video screen-savers made exclusively for Apple TV, a new user interface, and universal search across services and apps. And similar to the current Apple TV3, the new Apple TV4 comes inclusive of support for services such as Apple Music, iTunes, HBO, Hulu and Showtime; with more services to be added over time.

Siri on Apple TV 4

Siri is a very important part of Apple TV: it allows you to find actors in movies, search for content, control playback, and turn on captioning. Siri offers an intelligent search and you can filter your search simply by saying “find Brad Pitt movies”. It’s even capable of gathering information unrelated to the movie you’re currently watching, so you can ask for the news or weather whilst keeping the movie in the background.

The Apple TV4 is powered by tvOS with a developer kit bringing native apps to the platform. There will be a whole gamut of apps for Apple TV4, starting with games of course, and media apps such as Netflix, comic book apps and fitness apps, and travel apps such as Air BNB. Get ready; because the new Apple TV4 goes on sale in October with the 32GB model costing $149 and the 64GB version costing $199.