Apple TV 3 Jailbreak Receives Little Interest from Hackers

We understand that the Apple TV is going to be updated sometime this year, and while we anxiously await this event, we’re also wondering if a jailbreak will become available for the Apple TV 3. Unfortunately most believe we’ll never see a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3 – well, not anytime soon.

Kevin Bradley, aka nitoTV, well known in the jailbreak community and on Twitter, says that he doubts anyone with the talent would even care enough to jailbreak the Apple TV 3.

There will be a lot of disappointed Apple TV 3 users who have no doubt been waiting for a jailbreak for the latest generation Apple TV, but at least now you know so you don’t need to hold your breath any more.

Of course we were aware that there were people out there trying to find a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3, but we actually thought they had given up.

We all know we should never say never, and once the fourth-generation Apple TV is released the jailbreak developers could start working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3: unfortunately that’s a big ‘maybe’ and remember that there has been relatively low interest in this from the hackers and the developers.

The Apple TV 3 would be very difficult to jailbreak, and back in April Bradley explained why. Grab a coffee because it’s about a twenty minute presentation:

Basically, the bootrom exploit used in older Apple televisions meant that a jailbreak was possible, however the bootrom of the third-generation Apple TV has been bolstered up to protect against jailbreaking. There have been numerous claims that a jailbreak for a third-generation Apple TV is being developed, but we’ll only believe it when we see it.

An un-jailbroken Apple TV 3 is still capable of doing a lot, particularly if you’re a serious user of the iTunes ecosystem, with Airplay capabilities being one of the best features of the Apple TV – it allows you to beam content direct to your television from your iOS device or Mac.

If you’re determined that you want to jailbreak your Apple TV then you will have to settle for a first or second generation Apple TV.

At the moment you can purchase a brand new third-generation Apple TV for only $99, or you can save yourself some money and get a refurbished one for $75 from Apple’s Refurbished Store. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, it’s possible to buy a used third-generation Apple TV on eBay for only $50.

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