AirParrot 2: AirPlay Mirroring Never Been This Easy

AirParrot, the app used for mirroring your Mac to an Apple TV, is releasing Version 2 with a number of new features, plus Chromecast support. You can certainly use Apple’s built-in AirPlay feature for steaming your Mac’s display to an Apple TV, but AirParrot offers features way beyond what Apple offers, including support for Windows and Chromebooks.

This latest update makes AirParrot 2 the first app to offer full screen mirroring support to Chromecast, and more.

Smart AirPlay Mirroring

The mirroring experience delivered by AirParrot simply can’t be matched by AirPlay mirroring that’s built in. You can mirror a specific application, or the entire screen. AirParrott is a lot quicker than the native option, in most cases. It mirrors your screen the way you want, and it doesn’t distract while adjusting your display settings. You can connect quickly, and mirror to Apple TV, Chromecast, and other devices. AirParrot is really a great addition to any Mac – new or old!

Streaming Media to Apple TV

Simply drag and drop any media file in AirParrot then sit back and watch it on your Apple TV: you can even use your remote control to control playback. Streaming media is very quick, resulting in no loss of either video quality or quality of audio. For a theater experience in the comfort of your own home you can beam media in 5.1 surround. Regardless of receiver compatibility, AirParrot handles all different video formats, ensuring your videos always play where you want them.

Other new features are also included in the release, such as a refreshed UI, support for sending content to multiple destinations and support for discovering devices over Bluetooth.

Reasons to Use AirParrot on a New Mac

Since Mountain Lion, the AirPlay mirroring feature has been encoded directly into OS X. Of course you’ll be able to make use of that if you have a new device. However, if you have an old Mac and don’t want to upgrade to a newer version, or your old Mac doesn’t support OS X 10, you can easily get AirParrot to enable AirPlay from your Mac to the Apple TV.

Even if you do have a new Mac running Mavericks or Mountain Lion, the new features listed below still make AirParrot a good buy:

  • Quick Connect – Connect to receivers by Quick Connect Code, instead of searching a list.
  • Media Streaming – Media files can be streamed to supported destinations.
  • Audio Only – Lossless audio without video can be streamed to devices.
  • Multiple Destinations – New Connect to any number of receivers at the same time.
  • Recent Connections – Recently used receivers appear at the top for quick reconnecting.
  • Bluetooth Discovery – Bluetooth enabled devices are now discoverable!
  • 5.1 Surround Sound – Enjoy surround-sound with streaming videos, when available.
  • Pause Feeds – Pause mirroring temporarily without having to disconnect.
  • Built for Yosemite – AirParrott 2 was designed and built specifically to work on OSX 10.10.
  • Robust Format Support – Any media file can be played. We’ve got you covered.
  • Apple TV Support – Improved support for the new Apple TV 4.

AirParrot 2 is available for a $9.99 paid upgrade for existing users, and $14.99 for new users.