Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Status [Update]

Some exciting news for jailbreakers today! The Pangu team announced via Twitter that next week they intend releasing a jailbreak for Apple TV 4 running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1. It was about three years ago that we last saw a jailbreak for Apple TV.

This jailbreak is mainly aimed at security researchers and jailbreak developers because it will only provide SSH access with no GUI-based features. But this is still great news, because it opens the door for improvements and new modifications to the new Apple TV 4. For example, apart from enjoying the new features, jailbreak developers might now be able to provide a way for users to theme the interface of the Apple TV 4.

Pangu Jailbreak

This new Pangu jailbreak only supports Apple TV’s running tvOS 9.0 or 9.0.1 so you’re out of luck if your Apple TV has already been updated to tvOS 9.1 or 9.1.1. As with iOS, unfortunately you can’t downgrade to an older version of tvOS.

If you don’t know which firmware version your Apple TV 4 is running then it’s a simple matter of going to ‘General Settings’ and checking it out.

Either way, this is very exciting news and it’s going to be really interesting to see what kind of tweaks jailbreak developers will develop for the 4th generation Apple TV.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak

We’ve thought for a while now that it’s highly unlikely we’ll see a jailbreak for Apple TV 3 any time soon; but on the other hand we’are still hoping it might be a possibility to jailbreak the new Apple TV 4.

It’s true that jailbreaks were possible for the first two generations of Apple TV, but we haven’t yet seen a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3. This leads to the question: ‘Will we ever see a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3‘? Twitter’s nitoTV, otherwise known as Kevin Bradley, wonders if anyone talented enough would even care about jailbreaking the Apple TV 3. This comment’s probably not unexpected, particularly knowing that the new Apple TV fourth-generation model will soon be releasing.

Now that the new Apple TV 4 has been announced and unveiled, we’re quite sure that jailbreak developers must be looking over this new device with a lot of curiosity.

The most interesting aspect of the Apple TV 4 is that it’s running on a brand-new operating system. The earlier models of Apple TV ran a modified iOS version, but the new Apple TV is running what’s known as tvOS: this could still just be iOS but there’s no doubt that Apple has made considerable changes to the software side of this new model, particularly when you consider that it’s got an all-new user interface, making it highly likely that there are many changes in the code.

This new Apple TV is a complete overhaul from the previous model: it comes with motion sensors, a new remote that comes inclusive of a built-in trackpad, and a Siri button so you can do voice searches on the new box. Siri is one of the great features of the Apple TV; making it easier and quicker to search for a TV show or movie. With Siri you can even be quite specific and search for movies with a certain star – like Tom Cruise.

The user-face has also been changed; coming with a UI resembling iOS 9, but with a simpler, flatter appearance. In addition, the Apple TV has an all-new App Store for users to download third-party games and apps.

And now that we’re talking about games, there’s another new element to the Apple TV: you can turn your set-top-box into a kind-of casual gaming console. You can either buy a third-party gamepad for more control or just use the remote that’s included.

All these great new features have users getting pretty excited about the possibility of a jailbreak for Apple TV 4, particularly with the App Store where it’s possible that we’ll soon see a Cydia store release for the Apple TV. This will allow users to potentially install jailbreak tweaks on the Apple TV, not forgetting Apple TV apps that normally Apple would not allow on their streaming box.

And, there’s the possibility that we’ll see the installation of WinterBoard themes, which would allow jailbreak users to customize the interface of their Apple TV.

Future Apple TV Jailbreak

Naturally, all the above will depend on what jailbreak developers discover and are able to exploit with tvOS. In the past, there really wasn’t much you could do with Apple TV jailbreaks, not when compared to the iPad and iPhone. You were certainly able to install different video players allowing you to play different types of video file format, previously disallowed by Apple, but that was perhaps the main feature users could take advantage of.

That might not be the case with the Apple TV 4, because it’s quite possible that a jailbreak for the new Apple TV might bring capabilities to the set-top box that are at least equal to that of the iPad and iPhone.

However, at this point there’s been no talk of a jailbreak for Apple TV 4, even though many developers currently have the new set-top box in their possession. The reason might be that it’s quite possible most jailbreak developers don’t have the new Apple TV, and probably won’t be able to get their hands on one until it’s been officially released.

Currently there’s been no official release date for the Apple TV, except that Apple said their new box will probably release sometime this fall, but there are many, many people who are hoping there will be an announcement very soon.

Apple TV 4 Unboxing and Overview

The fourth-generation Apple TV is not due to arrive until the end of October, but Andru Edwards, a YouTube’r, has managed to get hold of the Apple TV 4, and he unboxed it on video for the world to see. As far as we know, this is the first unboxing of the device and it offers a glimpse of the new packaging for Apple’s new set-top box.

Finally, been waiting for the Apple TV 4. And although it doesn’t come out until October, I have one in my possession right now. So, I’m gonna show you what’s in the box, what it comes with, give you a closer look at the Siri Remote and all that. So let’s open it.

The packaging for the new Apple TV is all black, and on the top of the box is featured a picture of the top of the device. Once the box is opened you’re presented with the new Apple TV box, plus your new Siri remote. Underneath you’ll find a power cable and a Lightening cable for charging the new remote.

Edwards said he received his Apple TV 4 on the same day as Apple’s ‘Hey Siri’ event. He then goes on to give viewers a closer look at both the remote and the Apple TV set-top box.

Unfortunately we have to wait until the end of October to purchase our own fourth-generation Apple TV. We understand at this point that the 32 GB option will cost $149.99 and the 64 GB option will cost $199.99.

Apple TV 4 Finally Revealed. Here’s What Makes it Cooler!

Finally, Apple TV 4 is here! All along we thought the Apple TV was just another set-top box, but now we’re happy to discover that everything’s changed. This is very exciting news, because Apple has just announced the biggest Apple TV upgrade ever – one that will transform that little box into a whole new entertainment platform for your home.

Apple TV 4 Hardware

Basically, the Apple TV4 hardware looks pretty-much the same, but it’s bigger. It’s also a little taller, and it now packs a bigger punch. But overall it’s still very black and still quite small. But, this remote control’s been totally redesigned in a new and exciting way.

New Apple TV Remote

We’re really pleased to report that Apple has now totally redesigned Apple TV’s remote. There are two obvious differences: the first is a new button to beckon Siri, and the second is that there’s a glass touch-pad on the top. You’ll also see that this little black rectangle comes equipped with a gyroscope and accelerometer so it can be used similar to the Nintendo Wii remote. And, you don’t need to point it at the television because it’s Bluetooth-powered. With this new update, you can even control the volume and turn the TV on and off via the Apple TV remote. It uses a lightning post to charge and lasts up to three months on a single charge.

There are some apps that let you use an iPod Touch or iPhone as a game controller. This means that multiplayer becomes very easy. You’re on your way home, so you can start playing a game on your iPhone; then when you arrive home you move to your Apple TV.

Speaking about hardware, the Apple TV4 comes with an A8 processor, 64-bit A8 chip, 802.11ac WiFi with MIMO, IR receiver.

The HMDI, Bluetooth 4.0, and ethernet Apple TV4 comes with Siri support, a revolutionary Bluetooth wireless remote with glass-touch surface, buttons for the menu, volume, display, and play/pause. The remote also has a gyroscope and accelerometer for motion detection; you can control power and volume on your TV, and for charging it uses a lightning connector. It will last for three months once it’s been charged.

Some new features include animated video screen-savers made exclusively for Apple TV, a new user interface, and universal search across services and apps. And similar to the current Apple TV3, the new Apple TV4 comes inclusive of support for services such as Apple Music, iTunes, HBO, Hulu and Showtime; with more services to be added over time.

Siri on Apple TV 4

Siri is a very important part of Apple TV: it allows you to find actors in movies, search for content, control playback, and turn on captioning. Siri offers an intelligent search and you can filter your search simply by saying “find Brad Pitt movies”. It’s even capable of gathering information unrelated to the movie you’re currently watching, so you can ask for the news or weather whilst keeping the movie in the background.

The Apple TV4 is powered by tvOS with a developer kit bringing native apps to the platform. There will be a whole gamut of apps for Apple TV4, starting with games of course, and media apps such as Netflix, comic book apps and fitness apps, and travel apps such as Air BNB. Get ready; because the new Apple TV4 goes on sale in October with the 32GB model costing $149 and the 64GB version costing $199.

How to Completely Hide or Replace Apple TV Channels

In 2007 when the Apple TV was first launched it had less than a dozen channels. However, since that time the number of apps (as some people call them) or channels has increased a lot. Today we see the latest Apple TV with nearly 60 channels, and still counting; depending of course on where you live – and still more coming each and every month.

Of course it’s great that we’re being given such a choice of channels, but the fact is that most people watch less than five channels, so all the other channels mean that you’ve now got a lot of clutter on your Apple TV home screen. And having all those extra channels on the home screen means that you must do a lot of clicking to find the one you want.

We’re really happy to see that Apple have addressed this, and in a rare move on Apple’s part they’re now allowing you to customize the interface of your Apple TV, and even hide channels you’re not interested in seeing.

How to Replace Apple TV Channels

You can now customize your Apple TV experience and re-arrange channels showing on your home screen. This is great, because now you can put them in the order of your choice. You might choose to move your favorite channels to the top of the screen. Please note that the following channels cannot be moved – Movies, Music, TV shows, iTunes Radio and Computer channels.

Follow this guide if you wish to re-arrange your Apple TV channels:

  • Select the channel you want to move using the Apple TV remote;
  • While you have the channel selected, press and hold the black button in the center of the remote. You’ll notice the channel begin wobbling;
  • Move the channel up, down, right or left using the remote’s circular D-ring. As you do this you’ll see all the other channels shift;
  • Once you have the channel in the position you want, press the black button in the center again to set the channel in place;

Hiding Apple TV Channels

If moving channels is not enough for you and you prefer to clean up the Home Screen on your Apple TV then you may prefer to completely hide the channels you’re not interested in. And again, the following channels can’t be hidden – Music, TV shows, Movies, iTunes Radio and Computer channels, but all the others are fair game.

Follow this guide if you wish to hide your Apple TV channels:

  • Select the channel you wish to hide using the Apple TV remote;
  • With the channel still selected, press and hold the black button in the center of the remote. You’ll see the channel begin wobbling;
  • To call up a sub-menu press the Play/Pause button. There will only be two options on the sub-menu – Hide This Item, or Cancel;
  • Press the black button in the center once to hide the channel, and it will be removed;

Restoring Apple TV Channels

It should be noted that when you hide a channel on your Apple TV it’s not the same as deleting an app from your iPhone. Hiding a channel just means that it’s removed from your home screen, but it’s always there, still hiding below the surface: you can always ‘un-hide‘ it and have it re-appear on your home screen.

  • Select the Settings app on the home screen of your Apple TV by navigating to its icon and pressing the black button in the center of the remote control;
  • Select the ‘Main Menu‘ command on the Settings screen;
  • On the next screen you’ll see a list of all the channels on your Apple TV – this list includes both the shown and hidden channels. Now select the channel you wish to un-hide and press the black button in the center of the Apple TV remote. You’ll see the status of the channel alter from ‘Hide‘ to ‘Show‘;
  • Now go through all the channels on the list and un-hide any that you wish to see back on the home screen;

September Will Bring an Updated Apple TV.. Really?

A new updated Apple TV may really for sure happen in September. Back at WWDC in June, Apple never mentioned a new Apple TV which was rumored to be getting some kind of update. It’s a popular rumor, one that apparently shall never die. According to BuzzFeed, Apple now plans to release a new version of a set-top box, as well as a new streaming service for TV content complete with the September lunch which is also the time of year for the latest iPhone but that’s also when we got the Apple Watch announcement, at least in September of last year.

The current Apple TV was released back in 2012 and it runs an underclocked A5 chip that’s the same chip in the iPhone 4S. Something like the iPhone 6 A8 chip would update things nicely as would a slimmer design, more internal storage or maybe using Siri for voice commands and inquiries would help Apple TV compete with Google’s Nexus player and Amazon Fire TV which both support voice already. As for streaming service, that part still may not happen in September. Apple reportedly wants to sell as many new devices as possible in order to be ready when it launches its new streaming service months later. Supply chain leaks also indicate that Apple is working on an iPhone 6S for September which may not be such a dramatic update from the iPhone 6, so a nice Apple TV announcement would round out the event nicely. Even though it’s just a rumor, nobody knows anything.. nobody really ever knows anything.

Next Apple TV Comes with New Remote and Impressive Functions

An updated Apple TV is going to be released by Apple during WWDC 2015, the international conference of iOS developers that will be held starting June 8 in San Francisco. After the new Apple TV will be presented, Apple will launch a new streaming service for multimedia content, which will bring an important update for hardware and product enhancements.

new Apple TV remote control

According to information published recently, Apple plans to completely change the design for the Apple TV remote control in the idea of improving the functionality offered to users. The remote control will be transformed into a kind of track pad similar to the MacBook, equipped with only two physical buttons, the rest being tactile.

The new set-top box from Apple it is already being tested by some employees to find out how useful and user friendly is the new remote. Moreover, it seems that some Apple University professors compared the Apple TV’s remote control with the Google TV, Apple focusing on the fact that its product is much simpler and easier to use.

Considering that the next Apple TV will be launched in the WWDC 2015 along with a new multimedia streaming service, Apple is preparing a major shift for the operating system to display information. All of these changes will be sustained by an improvement of the hardware, the new device being prepared for launch with an A8 chip that has a dual-core processor 1.3 GHz and 1 GB RAM DDR 3.

Despite the better hardware, Apple TV 4 will not be available with support for viewing 4K videos, Apple considering that currently offering support for this technology does not bring benefits to its products. Considering that Apple already offers an application which allows controlling the Apple TV using taps, it remains to be seen how the new remote control will be received by users and what great features you will have.

Upcoming WWDC Will Bring an Updated Apple TV (2015)

We certainly weren’t expecting to see an updated Apple TV before the fall, that is until earlier this week when Apple announced the dates of the World Wide Developer Conference. Apple’s latest graphic for the 2015 WWDC appears to show the outline of an Apple TV, right in the middle of shapes appearing to represent iOS app icons and Apple Watch.


It’s common knowledge that Apple has always considered our traditional TV experience to be without innovation, and boring. And for a while now Apple has been hinting that it may be considering TV content development.

In actual fact, this news arrives following rumors suggesting that Apple is already planning to create its own TV subscription service, rivaling the likes of Netflix. If these rumors are indeed true, this would be a new market for Apple which, in the past, has preferred to stay with the technical side of TV in preference to the content side of it. We hear that Apple has been endeavoring to get a content service up and running since 2009.

To date, Apple has been offering direct content through providers like Netflix, and adding to its list of content providers as it goes. Programming channels like HuLu and YouTube have been delivering this content. Those developers seeking to take advantage of Apple TV were required to do so through AirPlay, which allowed users to beam content from their computers and Apple phones.

We understand that Apple’s TV set-top box will be announced in June at the World Wide Developer Conference. Following the announcement; we will probably see it hitting shelves.

The latest news is that Apple may be updating the Apple TV’s processor, to an A8 chip. There will also most likely be a storage upgrade beyond 8GB, currently available in the Apple TV. And in addition, Siri will probably be integrated into the box as well.

The costing for this new box has not yet been revealed, but we anticipate it will be more than $69, which is the current price tag on the Apple TV. You’ll notice that $69 is the reduced price since the most recent Apple event, and we assume that’s because they’re now making room for the next version of the Apple TV.

Apple TV has certainly had an interesting history. The initial concept began as a minor project for Apple, but after bringing in more than $1 billion in sales, Tim Cook (Chief Executive Officer) says it’s now high time the Apple TV is considered more than just a minor project.

Fans of this TV must be very excited that the Apple TV is being updated, mostly because it means than Apple will be continuing on with its TV strategy.

Updated Apple TV Wishes to Change Your Television Experience

Many people lined up to watch today’s Apple Watch event via live stream: CEO Tim Cook began the conference by announcing some exciting new updates to the Apple TV, Apple’s popular streaming device.

The audience was promised by Cook that Apple TV will forever alter the way they watch television, and disclosing three important updates that are just the start of things to come. So, what do we already know, and what is Apple teasing us with.

What Are The Updates?

The fantastic news is that Apple TV is now in partnership with HBO NOW.

HBO made the announcement last October that it has a new subscription service to allow its users access without the need to pay for satellite or cable television. From April (before the premier of Game of Thrones) HBO will now charge $14.99/month. Apple TV will have exclusive streaming rights for the launch, even though HBO still intends working in conjunction with other internet providers. (This is an unfortunate blow for Chromecast and Roku users).

The CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler, has advised that for just a limited time HBO Now will be free for the first month when you sign up on your iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

Cook was also happy to announce that the Apple TV will be reduced by $30 to a low $69: to date, the Apple TV has sold a whopping 25m units! And, it works on any Apple device.

There Are Some Changes Coming

The above updates are certainly great, but they’re not going to alter our current method of watching TV. Cook advised the crowd that today was just the start of many exciting changes coming to our world of television. Let’s have a quick look at what some of these changes are likely to be:

Gaming Possibilities

CNET said in 2013 that it was a ‘no brainer’ to add games and a console to the Apple TV. But today, two years on, and we still have no access to basic gaming apps through the device. This is a functionality that would open the device up to an exciting new market because the Apple TV would basically be converted into a gaming system.

Revamped Streaming Service

It was reported in February by Recode that Apple is having discussions with content providers about an internet-based Pay TV service; like Dish’s Sling TV. This streaming service would combine certain programming and market it through the internet to its customers. Apple TV users would then be able to use their device as an (almost) substitute for cable. What this means is that HBO Now is only one of possible future partnerships.

Ultra High Definition with a New Model

The latest in TV technology is known as 4K, or Ultra High Definition, offering higher resolution and a much higher quality picture. It’s similar to HD, but better. We’d need a new Apple TV box to be able to stream 4K. There must be a new update coming because it’s been three years since the last one.

In June, Apple will be holding its World Wide Developer Conference, so be assured we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Apple TV then.

Apple TV Now Incorporates New SPORTS Channels!

Exciting news today! Apple has just updated its Apple TV to include a channel for Sports Illustrated‘s 120 SPORTS network. Last year 120 SPORTS was launched on iPad, iPhone and other platforms as a streaming platform for most major sporting leagues, and these include the NHL, MLB, NASCAR, PGA Tour, plus major college divisions. This digital-only network provides over 1200 on-demand video clips every week and 76 hours of live content.

Apple TV viewers are able to view content via the 120 Sports channel without any paid membership or cable subscription. 120 Sports advises that it updates on a daily basis with over 10 hours free content for viewers to watch; from the NBA, MLB, PGA Tour, NHL, NASCAR, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football, and plenty more.

120 Sports also provides web content and an iOS app, while the Apple TV channel is distributed by Timeline, Dashboard, and Catch-Up sections.

This is fantastic news for sports viewers, with the new channel arriving just weeks following Apple’s TVs Tennis Channel Everywhere, which offers access to live court streaming plus various other on-demand coverages. Earlier this month lucky Australian viewers were offered a new channel for Existing sports channels on Apple’s TV now include MLB, WatchESPN, NFL Now, TV Premium, WWE Network, NHL GameCenter, MLS Live, Willow and UFC TV.

Apple TV Will be Able to Make FaceTime Conferences

Apple TV is one of the popular products of Apple which has not been updated for almost 2 years with new hardware and functions, but the American company prepares several interesting features for it. According to a patent granted in Cupertino these days, Apple TV will allow FaceTime conferences with an internet connection and an Apple ID, this functionality is required for years and years.

Apple’s invention can be implemented to achieve the following advantages. Automatic entry into conference room mode can make selecting a device for presentation in a meeting easier and more intuitive. When a user makes a presentation in a meeting in a conference room, the user may wish to send content from the user’s mobile device to a display device located in the conference room through a digital media device.

The patent contains information that denote the fact that Apple TV could be turned into a device able to do any kind of video conferencing with any user with an iPhone or iPad tablet. In this way, users might display multiple types of content from its own terminal on the Apple TV and to all those who are connected to the Conference, such as complex presentations using Keynote application would be possible at any time.

Module designed by Apple would be ideal for large companies in the world that could make presentations for their own employees without letting them to actually be in the room where the presentation is taking place, this is a tremendous advantage.

So far it is not known when would be released this functionality for Apple TV, but it will probably not pass very long until it will be available.